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Life Newsletter December 2022

Volume 4, Number 39



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Latest News and Updates

Watch the video to learn about the importance of the cash value feature in permanent life insurance and how accessing cash value saved a business.

Look at ten trends that shed light on how and why people are buying life insurance policies now.

Last month was Long-Term Care Awareness Month. While long-term care insurance can be costly, the costs of providing a home health aide and the average cost for providing long term care assistance can be staggering. Read the third article to learn about five strategies that can make long-term care insurance more affordable.


Watch this video to see how the cash value in life insurance helped save a business:


This article by Lauren Ward gathers gathers the most recent, interesting life insurance facts to shed light on the latest trends. These resources are helpful for people thinking about getting coverage or who may want to make changes to their existing policies.

To understand the current state of life insurance, look at these 10 trends that shed light on how and why people are purchasing policies now. 


Long-Term Care Awareness month was observed in November. Many people are interested in obtaining long-term care insurance policies, but they are often very costly. This November 12 blog from Life Happens presents five strategies to give you the most bang for your buck that can help make long term care insurance more affordable.

According to Genworth, the median cost of a home health aide in 2021 was nearly $62,000 per year! That’s a 12.5% increase from 2020. And according to a PwC study, the average person who needs long-term care will spend $172,000—imagine what the cost will be in the future with inflation.


When someone needs help with things like bathing or dressing, long-term care insurance (LTCI) can make a remarkable difference in a family’s life. However, many people wildly overestimate the cost of LTCI. The average premium is about $2,500 annually. Sure, that’s not a trivial amount, but compared to the cost of care there is serious value in obtaining coverage.

About Paul Cholak

Paul has over forty years of benefits experience and has been Director of Employee Benefits for large companies, as well as a benefits consultant with major consulting firms. He understands the life and health insurance needs of individuals and families of all ages. He also has considerable experience in selling life and health insurance to employer groups.

He guides you through the steps of getting insurance and is available to help you both BEFORE and AFTER you've made your purchase decision.
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Affordable Care Act open enrollment began November 1, 2022 and ends January 15, 2023 on the Federal Facilitated Marketplace (
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Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period runs from October 15 through December 7, 2022 for a January 1, 2023 effective date.

Otherwise, you’re eligible to enroll if you’re first becoming eligible for Medicare or are eligible for another type of enrollment period. Enrollment rules differ between Medicare Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage, Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug, and stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans.

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family consulting

We offer a comprehensive set of Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) plans

to individuals and families qualified to buy health (tax- and non-tax subsidized) insurance and dental/vision and/or hearing plans through the Federal marketplace (this is called buying “on-exchange” or “on-marketplace”) or directly from insurance carriers (this is referred to as buying “off-exchange or -marketplace”). Our Affordable Care Act policies comply with the Affordable Care Act and contain all of the “essential health benefits” required by that law.

The dental/vision and/or hearing insurance

products are available both on an insured or discount basis

We offer short-term health insurance policies

for those who are looking for more inexpensive coverage and shorter term alternatives.

We offer Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Part D Drug plans

to Medicare beneficiaries. Our site is compliant with federal, state, and carrier guidelines in selling these policies. See the Medicare section of this site for details.

We represent many carriers that offer supplemental benefits

to both individuals and families and Medicare beneficiaries, and the site contains information about hospital indemnity, cancer, critical illness, gap, accident, and international medical insurance offered by many different carriers. This section of the site also contains valuable information and tools about lowering the cost of prescription medications. Call us if you want more information about or would like to enroll in one of these products.

We also offer Short- and Long-Term Disability products

and can also help you meet the costs of long-term care, nursing home, or short-term (recovery) care needs.

Finally, we have a complete array of Life, Final Expense, and Annuity products

and offer pre-need services in Florida, as we have both life insurance and pre-need licenses in that state.

You pay nothing for our services:

we’re paid directly from the carriers we represent, Premiums are NEVER EVER marked up to include paying us for our services: you pay the same whether you order directly from the carrier or the marketplace on your own or directly through us or from our site.

We ONLY offer alternatives that are suitable for you and for which we feel meet YOUR needs.
When or if we feel a product or service is not appropriate for you from either a cost or benefit point of view we will tell you so.

We’re fully compliant with privacy and security guidelines, have signed all required privacy and security agreements, have developed a privacy and security policy, and take extraordinary steps to safeguard your protected health and personal information.
In short, we’re experts in all aspects of health and life insurance and also have relationships with professionals who can help you with very specialized situations.

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